Mag 254 Connection Problem and Freezing issue

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Mag 254 Connection Problem and Freezing issue

Postby serge19 » 05 Dec 2016, 04:52

I am using mag 254 with inbuilt wifi since Oct 2016.
Last week wifi stopped working for no reason, Now I am using it with ethernet cable...Still haveing the following issue

1. There is a frequent Connection Problem msg in Orange box
2. Box take so long to load the server info...sometime yellow loading bar freeze forever
3. Box kept freezing frequently, and there is no other option to restart by unplugging and power cable.
4. Sometime restart by itself

I am using GEM tv server with
I have checked my internet service and there is no issue, even my friend is using the same server and have no problem. I took this box to my friends home and having same issue there too.... I am 100% there is something wrong with my box... Please let me know what to do..!!!!

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Re: Mag 254 Connection Problem and Freezing issue

Postby hjicons » 11 Feb 2017, 20:36

I have 256 not 254. However I fixed the freezing issue with changing router settings. On my ASUS router there is IPTV tab where multicast settings need to be enabled (see screenshot). Also make sure that Mag is plugged in router port defined in Tab (LAN 1). In mag Advanced Settings set IGMP to V2 and specify some buffer size (I have 10 s). Repeat same in inner portal.

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