Mag 254 no signal

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Mag 254 no signal

Postby ttz » 06 Aug 2017, 15:52

Hi to everyone guys. I use mag 254, 3 months now and many times it is disconnected and displays the message:
"No signal
1) Check the connecions of cables and the settings of the device
2) Press the SOURCE button to select the port "

Of course everything is ok. Sometimes when I select another HDMI port it plays but not always. This day I have tried all HDMI ports but it doesn't play. The strange thing is that it plays with my pc monitor and I don't know why. My TV is new ( model 40j6200). I have tried all video settings of MAG 254 (connecting my PC monitor) and it doesn't play on my TV. Tomorrow it may will play. Maybe is a setting from TV? But what? I have tried everything, all the sollutions with menu button etc but the problem still remains.
Thank in advance guys.

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