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Mag256 freeze

Posted: 14 Nov 2017, 10:02
by wtesta
I have an issue on 2 mag 256 units. Sometimes it hangs while changing from channel to another. You need to unplug the power cable in order the unit to work again.
Units have the latest firmware 2.20.03-256 Fri June 30.

And also one them intermittently, while browsing the menu, display shows vertical lines.

Can you please advice if there is an issue with both units?

Re: Mag256 freeze

Posted: 01 Dec 2017, 02:59
by atlantic04
Hi I'm having the same problem with mine ,I'm got my box on wifi but not getting any lines on the box just hangs up when I change over channels .

Re: Mag256 freeze

Posted: 02 Dec 2017, 15:58
by sentenced
same problem....

Re: Mag256 freeze

Posted: 06 Dec 2017, 18:05
by dpdurst
I have two of these one running in WiFi mode and the other on Ethernet. They both get very hot, they both freeze up and I'm really tired of hearing excuses for everything but the box. It locks up and has to have the power pulled to fix it. This is not a streaming issue.

Both boxes are a week old, but have been factory defaulted and software reloaded (v2.20.xxxx)

I have contacted the seller for returns, says the issue is not the box. Really Infomir, your reputation on these boxes and suggestion to contact the seller whom I bought this from for replacement worked really well. Do you have an address I can send them to you in little pieces. Bunch of BS if you ask me..

Over $200 spent and I'd have better luck just going back to cable TV, that box works fine..

Can't wait to hear how its something else.

Re: Mag256 freeze

Posted: 27 Dec 2017, 18:23
by fede00gi
Same problem, sometimes when you change channel but also when you are watchin tv. Only way is unplug the power cable... even the remote doesnt work

Re: Mag256 freeze, same happens with MAG 351

Posted: 31 Dec 2017, 08:26
by dodi
I have the same problem with my MAG 351.

It works fine on fresh startup it works for a bit (5-10 minutes) then it freezes. Thereafter I cannot change channels, move through channel list etc.; the only way to unfreeze the box is to disconnect the power lead.

Once it boots-up the problem happens again; its a really frustrating loop.

I thought it was provider related but its not, I've tried different providers and the problem seem to persist. I believe this is a software issue that Infomir needs to fix immediately.