Mag 256 box with no sound

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Mag 256 box with no sound

Postby Dannyc107 » 12 Jan 2018, 19:57

I have just purchased a mag 256 w2 box I have great picture but no sound I have tried every possible audio setting change. I have even tried it on another tv and it works perfectly.
The TV I want it to work on is a Panasonic 4K 50" (12 months old)
The TVs it DOES WORK on is Samsung 32" 720p (8 years old)
I am connecting with hdmi cables
The cables are fine they were in use on another device before buying the mag box
Any advise would be greatly appreciated,I have contacted the seller of the box and he is unsure and I would like the knowledgeable people of the internet to give me their opinion before I send it back.

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