Fed up with infomir MAG 254 firmware updates and lack of useful support

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Fed up with infomir MAG 254 firmware updates and lack of useful support

Postby fedupwithinfomir » 02 Feb 2018, 01:18

It all started about 6 months ago. Every firmware update has caused more issues than the one before it.

1) Mag 254 no longer powers on when you push the power button (You have to push it 2 or more times before the box responds)

2) Infomir has also removed the option to select different firmware version virtually rending the box useless when they mess up the firmware leaving you at their mercy.

3) As of the Tue Dec 19 11:19:01 EET 2017 update 0.2.18-r22-254 11:15:32 EET update the box freezes and you have to unplug the device in order for you to be able to use it.

4) The support is the worst I've ever come across.

I'm posting on the community board because I'm at my wits end with the lack of useful support Infomir provides. I've asked them to provide a link to an updated firmware or a downgraded functioning firmware and they refuse. Infomir used to be the defacto standard for IPTV boxes but something has changed. At this point, I'm recommending that everyone stay away from Infomir products period. There are much better options in the marketplace today than Infomir products. Don't take my word for it just look through the Infomir community and you'll find hundreds of unhappy customers with no response or resolution regardless of the model of MAG they are using.

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