Mag 322 timeshift issues?

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Mag 322 timeshift issues?

Postby teddylabs » 04 Apr 2018, 03:32

Update fixed a lot and box works beautifully except for
Timeshift which does not seem to work on specified channels.
1. Is there a known bug or issue,?
2 are there settings that might help?
3. Is there a setting to specify how long one button click will forward or rewind?
Say 1 min or 2 minutes etc

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Re: Mag 322 timeshift issues?

Postby DavydWillow » 05 Apr 2018, 04:24

ive never needed timeshift.... as most if my channels from my supplier have 14 day catchup with FF and RW (soon to be 30days) plus many outside of the at catch up period are now in videoclub

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