Custom signed frimware back to factory!

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Custom signed frimware back to factory!

Postby hideman » 11 Sep 2017, 15:27

Dear people and seller infomir workers.

You have not good make for new custom firmware tools. Some of people make custom firmware with illegal iptv services thet have make custom signed firmware for him services.Then people have paid this box already. Nobody must be use next time service of this provider. If the client want to move other provider not possible !

You are unfair people. No-one is not required to use stommer providers. If I pay this box, I can put all the portals on this box.

I asked more then 100 times unlocking custom firmware. (custom signed to factory default image) You have me said: "Please call the provider.We have nothing do it". I have this box buy from a winkel not from a illegal arab provider. :)

3 the world people always have this quality. But you are ending your way. Others box 10 x better than you. You can not no more device sell on this market. :mrgreen:

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