MAG 254 image freeze

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MAG 254 image freeze

Postby Jmas » 12 Sep 2017, 06:35

I'm using my MAG 254 in UAE and while viewing the Nordic channels the image freezes for shorter or longer periods.
Will the selection of ntp server have any impact, and if so what is the recommended server? or, or,

Or any other ideas?

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Re: MAG 254 image freeze

Postby interfirmed » 08 Oct 2017, 19:59

I am having the same issue.
All worked perfect up to a week ago.
Then, EVERYTHING, started to freeze, all in the same way.
I watch something, and about 20 seconds in it freezes for 10 seconds, then on for 10 and so on. Eventually it crashes to black screen.
My bradband is fine. Nothing was edited on it.
I tried to update the firmwarrs, but the address doesnt work.

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