MAG 256 Reminder issue

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MAG 256 Reminder issue

Postby WATTYUK » 10 Nov 2017, 02:02


I am new to the forum it seemed to me the next logical step to take to ask the same question I have asked both my previous supplier and my current both of whom cant give me an answer.

Below is what I had asked my provider.

Hi Team,

I have a brand new MAG 256 STB I'm sure you guys can tell the full details i.e. software versions ect from the SMW server, the main issue that I would love to get solved is setting reminders for programs, basically I should be able to bring up the EPG and find a program I would like to set a reminder for go to that program and hit the green button on my remote to set a reminder... I do this and nothing happens :( if I hit all the other coloured buttons they function within the portal for example if I hit the blue button I get more information if I attached external storage and hit the red button I get the recording to start I just can't get the reminders to set and for me this is a must as my other half isn't very technical and keeps reverting to free view as it's " easy " my concern is that in a few months I am moving home where we won't have a TV aerial or sky dish hence the subscription so I would like this sorted.

The 2nd issue which is most likely an easier fix is I am not seeing any channel logo's from my days tinkering with SMW I know you can tweak setting individually for users from the management area.

I hope this isn't too much has the and look forward to hearing from you soon.

All the best.

Their response.......

hi craig

then the remind function doesnt work on our service is all i can suggest is the reason

regards steve

seems strange that a server they used developed by the manufacturer of the box I am using should not work.

Thanks in advance guys.

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Re: MAG 256 Reminder issue

Postby lhhugehole » 15 Nov 2017, 22:00

remind service and record not working for me either do you have record function for more than 30 seconds?

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Re: MAG 256 Reminder issue

Postby MacManiac » 16 Dec 2017, 15:06

I've just received my brand new Mag 256 and I'm astonished that the reminder function does not work. I'm assuming that this is being addressed and that the next firmware upgrade will rectify this.

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