HDMI problem on MAG 265

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HDMI problem on MAG 265

Postby sciking » 30 Dec 2017, 19:42

Hi everybody.

I have a Philips non-smart TV and a MAG 256. It worked well for one month, but now is not working, but sometimes worked with some disturbs like AV TV.

Other devices (a Mac Mini, Raspberry Pi) are working well with this TV, and also another MAG 265 works well, and my MAG 265 works well on another TV. The problem is between my TV and my MAG. I've used the original HDMI cable, a PS3 cable and a new cable: Nothing. With the AV cable it makes electrical noises. No video.

Have you ever had problem like this? How can I solve? I can't change the TV.

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Re: HDMI problem on MAG 265

Postby Miroslav007 » 12 Mar 2018, 21:34

Did you manage the sound problem, i have similar problem ,
PLease Help me if you can.

// Miro

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