MAG 254 Problem Playing Recording from the USB Disc

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MAG 254 Problem Playing Recording from the USB Disc

Postby rosin » 03 Feb 2018, 11:22


I have MAG254 and everything worked normally. Soon I have the following problem: after recording the external USB drive, then the recording is not visible for playback. By turning on the USB disk on the laptop, the tracks are visible and can be played back. The MAG254 is still with the original software 0.2.18-r12-254 with which I purchased both a 2.6-IB-00 hardware version and a software version 218.

p.s. The problem remained the same after changing the external hard drive to another. Discs are formatted as NTFS.
Maybe another formatting system is needed?

p.s. And with FAT does not happen. It does not work on both USB ports.

p.s.What about Infomir support? From the forum I came to the conclusion that it is better not to update the software - most of them think it will get worse. Even some of the forum references do not work. My MAG254 is in 2015 and I have not had any particular problems with it before. I have not updated or reset the receiver - I would have turned off my power supply and he was doing it. How long does InfoMir with this support ??????

Greetings: Rosin

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