Grilled MAG 250?

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Grilled MAG 250?

Postby smafox » 18 Feb 2018, 11:22

Got a customer who bought a MAG 250 30 Nov 2017 from eBay, seller "ocersry". (He don't sell any iptv boxes any more as it looks at the moment)

Thursday evening 16 Feb 2018 it died for him, from what he said he just turned it on and suddenly it died. No picture shows up. And he felt a bit of burned electronics, maybe it was the mag?

I tried to check if there are any way to fix the mag 250 but it seems dead although the blue led at the front lights up and the network port starts to glow also when it gets power.

No picture shows up. Also tried to enter the BIOS without luck. (pressing the menu button on RC while booting)

Took it up with the two screws underneath and it looks like this.

Haven't seen a MAG 250 inside before so can't argue if it's fake or not. Anyone who got a 250 who can compare?

And the main chip in the middle looks kinda weird, the gray coloring, maybe this tell that the box is smoked? But it dosen't show any damages underneath in the solders.

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