Aura HD or MAG trademark?

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Aura HD or MAG trademark?

Postby Nepose » 19 Jul 2018, 21:06

Hello everyone :) This is my first post so I'm sorry if I've forgotten about something ;)

I've heard sth about Aura HD STBs and I've some questions about it:

1. What's the difference between Aura HD and MAG?
2. I've found in the internet that Aura devices have MAG equivalents (e.g. MAG 250 = Aura HD, MAG 254/255 = Aura HD Plus etc.). I've also heard that there's a new STB from Aura series (Aura HD Pro). Does it have a MAG equivalent?
3. Is it able to download an image and a portal files (portal-dev-...) for Aura HD Pro as it's able for MAG series from If no, could you send this files, please?

Thank you very much in advance :)

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EDIT - answer

Postby Nepose » 04 Aug 2018, 10:42

EDIT: I've found the answers and I've decided to publish them here for everyone who's curious of it:

1. Aura HD has built-in app store (not iOS ;) ) and is produced with intention to be network media players, not "only STBs". MAGs are "only STBs" with services as an add-on. These intention is to be used by IPTV / OTT operators who would want to integrate it with their middleware and their features (e.g. Ministra).
2. Aura HD / Aura HD International = MAG 250
Aura HD Plus / Aura HD International 2nd Edition = MAG 254 / 255
Aura HD Pro = MAG 322
Aura HD Plus T2 = MAG 275 / 276 (276 is closed version).
3. Probably it's the same firmware, I'm not sure. In the description for software for MAG 322 there's also Aura HD Pro written and I've found that the latest software for Aura HD Plus is "0.2.18-r22-255" (255 = MAG 255) and the same of "original" Aura HD (0.2.18-r22-250) and Aura HD Plus T2 (0.2.18-r22-276).

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