MAG254 and HDMI HDR support

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MAG254 and HDMI HDR support

Postby Peerf » 05 Jan 2018, 13:51

Hope someone can help with an issue I have with Mag254 and LG OLED tv.
The setup consists of several devices, including MAG254/Blueray/Apple TV4K connected to AV Marantz NR1607 - and AV is connected via one HDMI to a LG OLED TV.
When I turn on “HDMI Ultra HD Deep Color” on the LG for the HDMI connection from the AV the MAG displays video stream OK, but the audio disappears. For all other devices it works fine, whatever they stream HDR or not!
I have communicated with LG and they refer to MAG as the problem.
LG suggest to use separate HDMI connections - but then I lose the MAG on the AV system.

Any suggestions (including if you think MAG256/322 could be the solution)?
Thanks in advance

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