Parental access on APP button

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Parental access on APP button

Postby John Franco » 04 Apr 2018, 15:56

I have a MAG 256, i recently added a new portal address to it and before this on the old service I could turn on and off parental control by pressing the APP button when viewing the channel in the scroll up and down channel view. After my new portal addition i now cant do this, when i hit the APP button Internet access screen comes up not the usual little box that you would normally enter your 4 digit parental pass code. Funnily enough I have a second MAG 256 box on which I also added the new portal iptv access and I can get the 4 digit code box when I hit APP button on that MAG box. Any ideas what I have done on the first MAG box that is giving me the Internet access screen as opposed to the parental code box ?

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