Access for this client_type is disabled

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Access for this client_type is disabled

Postby w0jtas » 18 Apr 2018, 20:25

Hi everyone,
I'm just new to stalker/Ministra, so forgive me if my questions will be just stupid, but i have great web application and network background so i think i can manage with a lot of problems when i can get to the code. Unfortunately in this case i cant. Auth module is encrytped in stalker_portal, so i'm comming to You guys.

I've just installed stalker (Ministra 5.4 to be exact) to get some experience since i will have to run the project of building some IPTV system next month. In my lab im using MAG256w1 STB in a small LAB test network as i'm trying to get familiar with the project. Since the beginning everything went just fine, but i'm stuck with one problem when i can't handle it.

STB is added to stalker_portal as user. In this scenario it was added automatically since i didn't blocked it in configuration. After some time of normal operation STB just can't authenthicate at stalker portal anymore, the only thing which helps is deleting the user and leting to create it again after STB send the request to portal once again. On STB site it looks very annynoig becouse it does not put any message on screen (just simple loading animation which lasts forever) but as i snooped network configuration it looks like STB is sending

Code: Select all

POST /stalker_portal/auth/token.php
with grant_type=refresh_token and then grant_type=password,

but every time it receives

Code: Select all

{"error":"access_denied","error_description":"Access for this client_type is disabled"}
Can anyone help me with it ? I can't find any information about this error on the web, and unfortunately code of

Code: Select all

used to authenticate is enrypted by ioncube :( I can't find the logic which causes this.

Thanks in advance
Best regards,

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