MAG 410 Setup

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MAG 410 Setup

Postby Gladiatore10 » 13 Sep 2017, 19:26

Hello everybody
I'm new here. I bought a MAG410 and wanted to setup with my provider but without success. He really does not know what to do. On the box MAG 256 runs everything well. I have tried all variants with the URL...

Can someone help? someone has experience with this box?

Kind regards

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Re: MAG 410 Setup

Postby dhealys » 19 Sep 2017, 00:48

most of the providers do not support stalker middleware 5.1. I have a mag box 410, I'm sending it back, unless infomir come up with idea to downgrade android stalker version to 4.9, but because this only exists on Linux, will be sending it back

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