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No Sound

Postby WRT » 17 Jan 2018, 20:43

Got my new Mag 351 today plunged it up same set up has my 254 I have a picture but no sound. I’ve tried a new HDMI cable changing HDMI ports but still no sound any ideals please. Thanks

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Re: No Sound

Postby ozor » 10 Feb 2018, 20:12

I have the same issue with my mag256. I even have a problem with my screen/video setting. When i set the mag off and on again, i have a blue screen. Then i turn the power off by pulling off the power cable and setting it on again...then i have view but no audio. I have to use the headphone jack to get sound. I have already updated the driver to 30 jan 2018 version.

Please help!!!

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Re: No Sound

Postby Hdegrijs » 21 Apr 2018, 06:10

Having a mag351. Like @wrt and @ozor no sound using hdmi or fiber. Using headphone jack to get sound

Factory reset did not do the trick, all other peripherals generates sound using hdmi.

Strange thing is that the mag is realy hot and when I pull the HDMI cable and put it back, the mag starts to reset the hdmi signal blackening the tv screen, popping up again etc, untill I reset the mag?

Any idea? The box is about 6 months old


Thought that the problem could be a defective mag351. Same poort, same hdmi cable connected to my minix works great. Bought a brandnew mag351, guess what? Same problem. No sound.

Does infomir techies do reply to problems of customers?


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Re: No Sound

Postby gva1dym » 07 Jan 2019, 19:08

Same problem for me, sound problem.

Sound ok on portal 1
No sound on portal 2

Any ideas ?

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