Mag256: Can I access STB from my computer?

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Mag256: Can I access STB from my computer?

Postby d4006 » 11 May 2018, 19:26

There are lots of articles about using the STB to access NAS media or media on a computer, but I want the reverse.

On my Windows PC, I'd like to access my Mag 256 box which is in another room. I can easily control what the box is doing using the remote control app, but on my PC, I'd like to "see" what the box is currently streaming. Can I install some kind of screen-mirror service on the Mag 256 that would allow me to monitor/view what's being streamed when at my computer?

I could look into a HDMI transmitter/receiver and send the signal from the other room into my office room but then I'd need to have a TV to receive the signal. I want to watch the STB in a app window or browser window on the PC itself (which has multiple monitors).

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