MAG 322 is an unfinished product - DO NOT BUY

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MAG 322 is an unfinished product - DO NOT BUY

Postby MikeSpinner » 11 Jun 2018, 09:42

I’m posting this so that anyone that is considering getting a MAG 322 knows exactly what they’re getting into.

I’ve had this box just under a week and over the course of that week, I’ve discovered so many problems that bear mentioning.

Sorting your favourites doesn't work

You get a favourites list to which you can add channels, however you cannot sort this list into the order you want. It is always sorted in channel order, and changes are not saved.

I've reached out to Informir, and they respond by telling me that because the problem is with the service provider, and that they are not responsible for this issue. My service provider tells me that this is how the MAG 322 behaves - it does not allow you to sort your channels. They say that favorites are not synced or uploaded to their servers - it is just a simple reference list that resides on the MAG box and I'm inclined to believe this. So why are Informir telling me otherwise?

Overheating problems

This thing runs hot nearly all the time. It consists of a sealed box with only a tiny little grille above the HDMI port for ventilation. This is completely inadequate for the heat this chip generates in day to day operation. The kicker is - as some people have already mentioned, this thing works perfectly fine with a 5v DC adapter which drops the temperatures. Why couldn't they have just bundled it with a 5v charger to begin with? This is a serious problem. Heat kills electronics.

Standby doesn't work

The MAG 322 has two standby modes, "active" which basically stops the video stream and just idles the box but keeps the linux kernel running, and "deep" which puts the kernel into a sleep state, saving electricity. Deep is what I would consider to be a true standby. The problem is it doesn't work from the outer portal. It always goes to "active" standby, which means this thing is running hot 24/7 unless disconnected from the mains! Some people have suggested changing the HDMI reaction / HDMI-CEC settings, and I have tried disabling and enabling these and it makes no difference - the deep standby is basically broken unless someone can show me otherwise.

PVR recording doesn't work

I don't mean recording streams where it is not permissible. I mean recording legal streams where the provider perfectly states that this is permitted and allowed. The MAG 322 will start recording and after about 20 or 30 seconds, will reset the stream and throw a "PVR Stream" error. I have heard some people mention that this is because I don't have a "multi" or "additional line" subscription but this doesn't hold weight - I do not watch any other channels while recording - just the one I am recording. I have tried USB2 and USB3 flash drives, a bus-powered 2.5" drive and a 3.5" powered hard drive, and it does the same thing with all of them.

Video streams often freeze and do not start playing again

Another issue I've encountered is working streams will freeze after several minutes, and the feed will not reconnect. It will stay frozen until I come out of the channel and back into it. It doesn't happen across the board, but when it does happen it is annoying as you can imagine.

Informir's policy - blame someone else

Every time that I have requested support from Informir, they have responded with the same argument which goes as such:

1. Are the problems you're having within the inner portal or outer portal (service provider)
2. Outer portal, you say? Contact them, it's not our problem.

I'd imagine 90% of people use these boxes as MAG portals linking to their service providers because the M3U support is shockingly poor - the box doesn't seem able to handle large lists and will crash, restart, hang and otherwise not work as intended. Does this mean that 90% of every problem reported to Informir is met with the same response? This is completely unacceptable.

My opinion is that the MAG 322 was rushed to market, it was badly designed and hurriedly put out there with tons of bugs, glitches and shoddy programming, and rather than admit the unit has problems and reassuring their customers that they are working on fixes, Informir are absolving themselves of any wrongdoing and conveniently blaming the IPTV service providers for problems that are very clearly in their domain.

Do not buy this product!

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Re: MAG 322 is an unfinished product - DO NOT BUY

Postby DavydWillow » 12 Jun 2018, 05:35

as much as i agree with many of your comments here and especially that the 322 was rushed out without due diligence in product performance and reliability ...dont expect any feedback or constructive advise etc from infomir - they do not monitor this community despite it being theirs. Many customers have issue with these boxes and are dissatisfied with the product,,,, they've done nothing - leaving it to the users to search and find solutions...

However like every box before the 322 each box has had its own quirks and foibles none have really worked 100% properly "out of the box" but despite that it still remains immensely popular and does work well without all the hassles associated with android boxes... ok they have a issues but most can be lived with but things that do get my goat is the faves, and having no means of tracking what you have watched in a tv series etc - having to rely on memory.......

In my experience so far (having had a 250 a 254 and now have the 322 (currently working well) inner portal seems to override anything in the outer portal = e.g on the 322 you can set the buffer from 1-15 but it really doesnt matter as the inner portal buffer setting overrides it ...

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Re: MAG 322 is an unfinished product - DO NOT BUY

Postby bhikhu69 » 12 Jun 2018, 21:30

@ MikeSpinner
It seems more like you possibly might have a faulty box.

As i have purchased many mag 322 and all work perfect no issues at all
and have been using them since Jan 2018.

Yes it had few minor issues with audio sync at begining,
but that was fixed by updating software.

Have you updated the software in box?
# #
# MAG322/AuraHD4/MAG324/MAG324C/IM2100/IM2101/IM2102 [2.20.07] #
# #

- Fixed artifacts when playing HLS VoD.
- Fixed issue with synchronization of teletext subtitles.
- The problem with the positioning of HLS VoD is solved.
- The problem with sound synchronization during long stream playback is solved.
- Added utility to support 24H.TV service.
- Solved the problem with playing rtmp stream (from the client).
- Fixed a problem with IGMP Leave when playing multicast streams.
- MW Stalker - Fixed the definition of the length of the recording in the TV Archive on the HLS stream.
- MW Stalker - Fixed positioning in the TV Archive on the HLS stream.
- MW Stalker - Fixed playback of records from the TV archive.
- MW Stalker - Implemented the issuance of device_id.
- Fixed the definition of an alternative audio track for some hls streams.
- Fixed implementation of the API method to get the duration of the content.

- Fixed 20-second delay before playing some "*.wmv" video files.
- Fixed positioning on DVD content.
- Solved the problem with playing some DVB-channels after the exit from deep sleep.
- Solved the problem with playing the first channel in the list after re-entering "DVB-channels".
- Fixed the definition of framerate on the test file.
- Fixed playback of the file after changing the audio language in Playback.
- Added deactivation of the DVB receiver when exiting the DVB-C menu.
- Fixed incorrect positioning on the channel list DVB channels.

Internal portal:
- Improved error page.
- The display of the DVB item from the Settings menu for the DVB database consoles is not displayed.
- Implemented blocking the display of the portal when navigating to the url from the blacklist.
- Fixed displaying the list of channels DVB channels in the preview mode.
- Corrected the signature of Hotkey F3 in "DVB-channels" depending on the menu language.
- Fixed switching of selected DVB-channels to Home Media / Favorites.
- Fixed positioning on the channel list DVB channels.
- Changed the path to the folder on the USB with the update for AuraHD4.

- Fixed issue with leaving in Deep Sleep with an external keyboard connected.
- Fixed the resumption of video playback after exiting Active standby.
- Fixed a reaction to the toggle bit when sending commands from the T4H console.
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Re: MAG 322 is an unfinished product - DO NOT BUY

Postby cuevas » 15 Jun 2018, 07:20

we still have issues with audio sync even after updating to version 07. We have terrible problems with freezing and black screen and the overlap of info on the epg at bottom of screen is sometimes ok and other days not, very strange. I am sending them videos galore but not really getting anywhere.

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Re: MAG 322 is an unfinished product - DO NOT BUY

Postby diablo666 » 17 Jun 2018, 10:17

I bought 9 mag 322 boxes since january 2018 and I'm facing the same issues MikeSpinner has, well most of them:
- "Sorting your favourites doesn't work"
- "Standby doesn't work" : With early factory firmwares, i believe that it was working somehow (i remember that i could saw the led became red), but now it never goes in deep mode...
- "PVR recording doesn't work" : That's right the recording session never goes up to 1 min or so. I thought it was a provider limitation, but i admit that i did not deal with the function in depth yet

Concerning freezing and lost connection issues, i did not have these problems, everything is running smoothly or when i have some picture problems, it always due to the provider...
About the Overheating problems : i realized the mag 322 is quite hot but never noticed some consequences about that. But the advice is good, will try a 5v DC adapter :-)

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Re: MAG 322 is an unfinished product - DO NOT BUY

Postby JohnW » 07 Sep 2018, 10:42

Just installed a Mag 322 .
Great reception using a dongle for WiFi.
That is about it.
Can’t store, sort or save favourites.
Lots of tv series listed don’t work, just keeps displaying “ server unavailable “
I am 68, not a technophobe at all so any help would be appreciated.

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