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My Cup of Coffee

Postby usasmokingsale » 14 Jun 2018, 08:22

You know why I hate it Because it ingenious. Where all the trendy techno music Where all the flashy lights that say "look at me, I hip and expensive, but Cheap Newport Cigarettes you buy me anyway because you a consumer whore" Those bastards at Apple decide to show off their iPhone by casually showing us how the use the sucker. I hate you Apple. I hate you for making me want to blow $600 on your stupid, oh-so-tempting little iPhone. Argh.

I went to the eye doctor today, so I can get a new prescription, and therefore a new pair of glasses. (since I broke mine during my little mishap around finals time)

While I was waiting for the elevator, there was a cute little boy and his mother waiting as well. The kid would wander around the lobby, and he repeatedly press the up button and cheerfully exclaim "I push the button!" When we got into the elevator, he giggle and babble in his kiddie-talk, and when they reached their floor, his mom says this:

"Come on sweetie, we gonna go get your shots and then go home."

I got a feeling that poor kid isn going to be nearly as peppy the next time he visits the doctor, haha.

Start exercising so I can lose those extra pounds that I gained. It kinda heartbreaking when I can fit into some of my clothes like I used to. I think I need to leave notes around the house with little messages that say "Don eat that. Fatass." You know, for motivation and stuff. :P

Floss. Holy crap, why is this so hard Just freakin FLOSS, Cindy.

Call my buddies more often. The new boyfriend is wonderful, but I need to get back in touch with the people who cared for me before he came along.

Be a pimp and slap a few hos.

Clean up more often. I know I take care of my room better if I had my own apartment, but living at home is no excuse for turning into a slob. Bleh.

Spend more time with my family. This is probably the toughest one, because my family never been the type to sit around a table and converse until the wee hours of the morning. This is also tough because even though I live at home, I rarely there when school is in session because I out studying and whatnot.

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